MARMOBON has been in the sector since 1961, boasting a consolidated experience in the production of processed marble and granite and agglomerate like skirting board, mouldings, frets, marble chip floor tiling and wall and floor coveringsthat combine the natural elegance of marble with a concept of interior decor that stands out for its style and sophistication.

All phases of the production cycle, from the selection of raw materials to the quality control before leaving the factory, are accurately monitored by specialised personnel.

Clients relations are cultivated in every datail, from the planning and design of the product to after sales service.

The attention paid to detail and a flexible approach to the variety of requests made by clients, distinguish this company from larger industrial firms.

Marmobon succeeds in meeting the needs of a diversified clientele, ranging from residantial buildings to public offices, religious building to contract facilities, and even classical architecture and modern design solutions.

Passion and Tradition since 1961


The supply is performed at home and the laying is carried out by professionals of trust with the possibility of finishing work to create again a new and unique...

TurnKey Projects

Domos produces very different projects with any type of stone or marble, thanks to the constant updating of technology, the spirit of cooperation that is establ...

After Sales Service

The after sales is carefully followed by specialized personnel to ensure reliability. The customer's project is followed with special care and development, as w...

Assistance & Consultancy

It wants to offer a service at 360 degrees for architects attentive and constantly looking for alternative solutions and unique to offer to its customers The va...

Surface Treatment

Provides protective and firming treatments and surface restoration and recovery for all types of renovation or redevelopment....

Finishing In Site

The care that is given to the many achievements, it shows in the quality of detail. The workers are able to refine the semi-finished product with skill and atte...

Measurement in site

We perform inspections for detection and possible preventive measures by trained professionals who treat the parts with extreme precision and speed....
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