TurnKey Projects

Domos produces very different projects with any type of stone or marble, thanks to the constant updating of technology, the spirit of cooperation that is established with architects and designers, and support from technical staff and internal and external collaborators. Flexibility, versatility and professionalism are the elements that guarantee and respond positively to the needs of large clients. It overlooks the national and international markets. A role of attention is now reserved for the intended design as a lever of cultural change, but the great intrinsic value of the result obtained has allowed the use of a complete production cycle that starts from raw material selection and closes in the finished product . the mission Offer its customers the opportunity to approach the reality of natural stone in an original and creative in order to give it form and beauty to create a product "made". Providing service to the customer added value that accompanies the initial design to completion his plan for a turnkey service to the customer. "Giving shape to the ideas of the customer" is the motto that sums up the mission of Domos: work every day to achieve the client's ideas with passion, competence, and honesty.